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Our global mission is to produce a healthy alternative to wood-based panels which can be remade indefinitely without harm to the environment – and in the process reduce waste and the needless felling of virgin timber.”
Rod Fountain, Founder and CEO

The world’s first high performance panel board made entirely from waste

Neverwaste™ is a patented material made entirely from vast quantities of waste cardboard and packaging that would otherwise be burned or landfilled. By refining and modifying the fibres of manmade cardboard derived from virgin and recycled timber, Neverwaste™ avoids the use of glues, resins or toxic chemicals in the production of a healthy, premium-specification material for use in construction, furniture, kitchens and flooring.

The product’s regenerative nature means it can be taken back and remanufactured into brand new sheets, again and again
Fig1. Neverwaste™ technology
Unrefined fibres are ‘bonded’ by
high-strength refined and modified
fibril bundles.
Panel board Fibre bundles Close up
High-strength refined and
modified fibril bundles
Unrefined fibres
Panel board Fibre bundles Close up
High-strength refined and
modified fibril bundles
Unrefined fibres
Premium Specification
  • Used instead of wood-based panel boards
  • High performance characteristics
  • Perfectly flat and smooth surface
  • Machined using all standard methods
  • Heat and water resistant
Application Versatility
  • Doors
  • Flooring
  • Joinery
  • Kitchens
  • Furniture
  • Retail fit-out
  • Exhibitions
Panel boards

The Neverwaste™ Timeless Loop

  1. Mixed Waste Fibres
    Post-consumer and post-industrial waste
  2. Clean & Screen
    Unwanted contaminants are removed
  3. Refine Fibres
    Mechanical manipulation using specialist refiners
  4. Pulp
    Fibre distribution in water
  5. Form & Layer
    Pulp fed in layers onto forming table
  1. Press & Dry
    Continuous pressing and drying cycle
  2. Finish & Profile
    Cut and prepare boards for product manufacturers
  3. Manufacture & Use
    Quality products sold to customers
  4. Take Back & Remake
    Return to factory at end of life for re-manufacture
Waste is the world’s most valuable opportunity

Neverwaste™ is growing with global demand

State of the art factory using 100% renewable energy in Jutland, Denmark, to produce 160,000m3 of high performance panel boards for the furniture and construction industries

The start of a global factory network

Transforms waste into high value products in a pure circular economy process

Neverwaste™ is designed for the new sustainable world we need to build, helping to slow climate change by preventing the destruction of millions of trees to make products with short lifespans.

Every Neverwaste™ factory is a micro-world of regeneration and restoration, inspired by the reality that just about everything human beings will ever need can be beautifully made from the raw materials already in circulation on our planet.

In partnership with like-minded investors we are rolling out a multi-factory platform to realise our vision at scale. Neverwaste™ is a sustainable circular economy solution to the planet’s insatiable consumption of panel boards.

View of factory site
Location of our first full-scale factory on the Greenlab site in Jutland, Denmark. This site is the world’s first fully green industrial business park where everything is connected to ensure energy symbiosis is achieved.
Map of factory site
100% renewable energy
Closed loop water system
Denmark is at the heart of our initial planned network of factories. This is the starting point of our global production, manufacturing Neverwaste™ both at scale and locally, in partnership with sites that enable green energy solutions.

Rod Fountain, CEO of Unwasted at the GreenLab site

“I am proud to represent a large group of Danish industrialists who have made a multi-million pound investment in the Neverwaste™ parent company Unwasted™ to support its global commercialisation programme, starting with a major plant at GreenLab Skive, Denmark.”

Bertel Gantriis, Director (Denmark)

The trees are falling

The world consumes 584 million m3 of wood-based panel products every year


Around 3.8 billion m3 of timber is felled annually, reducing the world’s forest cover by 3.3 million hectares each year


Averting a climate catastrophe requires urgent action to re-forest our world

The waste mountain is rising
Man Made

Humans are generating vast mountains of waste with cardboard and paper making up 41% of the solid waste stream

Waste Land

In the US alone more than 850 million tonnes of waste packaging is thrown away annually, equating to about 1 billion trees

Home Truth

The average household throws away 13,000 separate pieces of cardboard every year

The Neverwaste™ solution has scale
Save Trees

One Neverwaste™ plant converts 140,000 tonnes of waste cardboard into 160,000m3 of panel boards every year, saving 170,000 trees and 150,000 tonnes of CO2

Create Jobs

Generating £75 million of revenue and creating 100 green jobs directly and many more in the supply chain for every Neverwaste™ factory

Cut CO2

Over ten years a global network of Neverwaste™ plants will save millions of trees, reduce the waste that goes to landfill or incineration, and save millions of tonnes of CO2

Panel boards
Everything we need has already been made

Our senior management combines decades of leadership, advisory, execution and technical expertise to form our multi-disciplinary team. Together, we combine our global track records of business development, fibre engineering, product design, sales, fundraising, patenting, entrepreneurship, marketing and communications. We share an unwavering commitment to regenerative practices in business.

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Senior Management Team

Rod Fountain

Founder & CEO

Ed Manning


Rob Langley

Technical Director

Chris Sutton

Head of Global Distribution

David Chandler

Sales Director

Bertel Gantriis

Director (Denmark)

Sabine Jaccaud

Head of Global Communications


an opportunity

Neverwaste has borrowed from nature's deep design model: not wasting a single atom whilst creating the conditions for all life to thrive. Her beautiful design is regenerative, and so are we - always working on behalf of the next generation. Our factories will follow the principle of ancient forests, creating regenerative ecosystems where nothing is wasted.

Invest in the future of sustainable design and construction.
Rod Fountain, CEO
Ed Manning CFO/COO


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